Welcome to Sojourn A Riverside Senior Living Community

Before you choose an adult living community, consider this: Sojourn is located adjacent to Riverside Medical Center's award-winning healthcare services, Riverside Outpatient Services and Riverside Home Healthcare. Sojourn is Medicare-certified and contracts with most private insurance providers. From independent living to skilled nursing, Sojourn delivers a seamless continuum of care, unrivaled in its one-of-a-kind approach.

Discovery We hope that you never stop exploring, questioning and discovering. At Sojourn, we explore deeply to discover the uniqueness of each individual we serve. Remaining curious about our customers is our goal.

Journey The span of a lifetime is brief and cherished; every moment-from the day you arrive till the day you depart-is represented by the dash. Our team is here for you at this point in your journey, supporting you and your loved ones as we navigate the road to recovery together.

Celebration Every day, in fact every minute, is a cause for celebration. The occasion may be as momentous as a wedding or as fleeting as a child's laughter. At Sojourn, we celebrate your successes, for they represent the constant miracle of life.

Connection Each of us is a vital link and a trusted connection in a universal chain. When we care for one another, we are also caring for ourselves. Know that when you are at Sojourn, our team focuses on those connections. When you are at Sojourn, you are never alone.